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Frio River in the Hill Country

The word frío is Spanish for cold, a clear reference to the spring-fed coolness of the river.

The Frio River has three primary tributaries; the East, West, and Dry Frio Rivers. The West Frio River rises from springs in northeastern Real County and joins with the East Frio River near the town of Leakey; the Dry Frio River joins northeast of Uvalde. The river flows generally southeast for 200 miles until it empties into the Nueces River south of the town of Three Rivers. Along the way, the Frio River provides water to the Choke Canyon Reservoir in McMullen and Live Oak Counties.

Some Random Frio Trivia
  • The Frio River is mentioned in the Whitey Shafer-penned George Strait hit song “All My Ex’s Live in Texas“. George Strait grew up in Frio County. Shafer’s recording mention’s the Brazos River instead.
  • Several of O Henry‘s short stories mention or take place near the Frio River.
  • The Frio River also played a big part in the movie Race with the Devil. This is where the scene of the sacrifice took place.
  • Frio Suite is an album of instrumental music by keyboardist Jeff Johnson and guitarist Phil Keaggy. It was inspired by a retreat the two attended together at the river.
  • “If you haven’t floated down the ‘Ol Frio” is a verse in the song My Texas written and performed by the Josh Abbott Band.

Video by Hassan Khalil | Photos by Jeff Kohn, Jeff Lynch, Rick Mach, Richard Wilbourn, Lauren Blackwell, Scott Woodard