Central Texas


Luckenbach by Fuhreeus

Luckenbach maintains a ghost town feel with its small population and strong western roots. The post office closed April 30, 1971 and its zip code retired.

The general store remains active as a souvenir shop where visitors can purchase a variety of items, including merchandise featuring the town’s iconic motto: “Everybody’s Somebody in Luckenbach.”

Luckenbach hosts a wide range of visitors for live music events each weekend,[8] including bikers, bankers and everyone in between, with a separate area formotorcycle parking and car parking, usually in the grass. On Sundays, it is common for people to bring instruments and those in the crowd entertain each other, taking turns performing under the trees just outside the bar. No hard liquor is allowed, and no law enforcement is necessary as the crowd tends to self-police.

There are recreational vehicle camping spots, and a small creek that runs nearby where the signs state “No Swimming Allowed”. This is usually ignored,[citation needed] and it is common to see parents there with their children. Areas are set up for washer pitching. Occasionally, local and regional celebrities drop by on a Sunday, as this is the most relaxed day to visit. There is no charge to visit. The signs leading to the town are often stolen as souvenirs by tourists. Legitimate souvenirs are available at the general store and include postcards, t-shirts, sarcastic and humorous signs, and the localnewspaper, the 8-page monthly Luckenbach Moon.

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