West Texas

Chihuahuan Desert Nature Center, Fort Davis

Chihuahuan Desert Nature Center in Fort Davis by Aleyna

In 1978, the board and supporters of the Chihuahuan Desert Research Institute purchased 507 acres of rolling grassland, oak-studded hills, and shady canyon springs in the foothills of the Davis Mountains. Here, they established the Chihuahuan Desert Nature Center.

Highlights of the Chihuahuan Desert Nature Center include a desert botanical garden, 1400 sq. ft. cactus and succulent greenhouse, over 3 miles of hiking trails, and interpretive exhibits. Both formal and informal education programs for children and adults are offered throughout the year.

The mission of the Chihuahuan Desert Research Institute is to promote public awareness, appreciation, and concern for the natural diversity of the Chihuahuan Desert region through research and education.

Reprinted from Chihuahuan Desert Research Institute | Photo by Aleyna