West Texas

Davis Mountains in West Texas

Davis Mountains by FMJ

The beautiful Davis Mountains in West Texas are often referred to as “the Alps of Texas.”

Davis Mountains State Park is located in the foothills of the Davis Mountains only four miles northwest of the historic community of Fort Davis. Davis Mountains SP provides many opportunities for recreational activities, including hiking, camping, mountain biking and equestrian use. It is also a premier spot for bird watching. With an elevation more than a mile high, desert plains grasslands intermingle with trees typical of the higher mountains, such as piñon, juniper, and oak. Two seasonal creeks, Keesey and Limpia, run through the park and provide important riparian habitat, including extensive cottonwood galleries in the park’s Primitive Area. These diverse habitats attract a wide variety of animals. The park’s newly renovated interpretive center is open daily and is a prime bird watching venue.

Resource Fort Davis CC | Photo by FMJ