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Hiking on the North Franklin Peak in El Paso

North Mount Peak Hike

Our friend over at El Paso Hiking shared his video of a March hike up to North Mount Franklin Peak in the Franklin Mountains State Park, El Paso.

At 7,192 feet, it is the highest point in El Paso, and the 27th highest mountain in the state of Texas; a strenuous 8 mile out and back hike for an elevation gain of about 2,647 ft.

According to one hiker :

There is a lot to see if you keep an eye out. We saw four mule deer watching us as well as squirrels and many birds. At about 3 miles or so there is a bench next to a sign warning of unexploded ordinances. When you’re at this spot, look over the hill to the South and you will see a car that someone left there years ago when you could take the dirt road up there. At the top of North Peak there is an old radio tower. Looking south from there you can see The Mammoth and The Ron Coleman trail. We also saw some lady bugs at the very top. This is definitely a must hike in the Franklins.

From afar, the Franklin Mountains appear to be brown lumps of lifeless rock. Up close however, you will find them to be full of interesting Sonoran desert flora and fauna, including Ocotillo, Spanish Dagger and other interesting desert plants.

Video by El Paso Hiking