Hill Country

Three Sisters, Hill Country

Three Sisters in the Hill Country by Matt High

Nestled up in the Frio Canyon region of the Texas Hill Country are three highways that are known as the Three Sisters, or the Twisted Sisters. Roughly a hundred miles long, the FM 335/336/337 loop is popular among weekend warriors and motorcycle enthusiasts for its sharp turns, steep climbs, deep valleys and scenic views as the roads pass through some of the hill-iest of the Hill Country.

Compared to many of the mountain passes through California or Colorado, this is pre-school-level stuff – but in this part of the country and for hundreds of miles around, the Three Sisters is the most ‘challenging’ roadways around. This spot is near sunset, along a deep road cut on FM 337 between Vanderpool and Medina overlooking Anderson Hollow; the structure in the background is actually a large barn for a buffalo herd.

Text and Photo by Matt High