Central Texas

24 Hour Pecan Pie Vending Machine

Ms. Pearl, Berdoll Pecan Candy & Gift Company

Vegas may have champagne-filled vending machines, but the South likes to do things a little bit bigger and (dare we say?) better.

Deep in the heart of Texas sits a vending machine that sells 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The unique vending machine is the creation of the family-owned and operated Berdoll Pecan Farm in Cedar Creek, Texas. The owners dreamed up the idea to keep up with the overwhelming demand for their deliciously sticky treats, according to Atlas Obscura. In addition to whole pies, the company also sells honey-glazed and chocolate-coated pecans (and boring healthy stuff, too) in their vending machine. But if you’ve driven all the way there, you’re definitely going to want a pie.

Their pies are baked daily and restocked frequently, meaning that whenever you get a hankering for a slice of perfectly crisp pecan pie, all you have to do is roll down Highway 71. Don’t worry, even if you’re driving through Texas late at night, it’s nearly impossible to miss the Berdoll Pecan Candy & Gift Company shop, thanks to Ms. Pearl, the 14-foot tall squirrel holding a pecan who stands guard over the vending machine. She is the largest squirrel statue in the world and as such has her own website and online gallery. Snap a photo and a pie and you’ll have the perfect souvenirs of a Texas road trip.

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