Central Texas


Carmine, Texas

Originally called Sylvan, the name was changed to honor Newton Carmean, the first postmaster in 1892.

Although it’s spelled Carmine, the pronouciation remains Car-mean. A Dr. B. J. Thigpen was promised the job of railroad agent when the Texas and New Orleans Railroad built through the area. He moved his family to Carmine on Christmas Day, 1885. Thigpen’s job was to promote the town and he did. In 1900 there were four stores, four saloons, two blacksmiths shops, and a newspaper.

Carmine is a city in Fayette County and Washington County, Texas

The Texas Basketball Museum is operated by Coach Bob Springer at the corner of Augsburg Avenue and Hauptstrasse Street in Carmine. The collection highlights players who advance to the professional ranks as well as high school teams of notable achievement

reprinted from Wikipedia and Texas Escapes | photo by R. Childress