East Texas

The Blue Hole in East Texas

Located on a private inholding within the Angelina National Forest in upper northwestern Jasper County, “Blue Hole” is a former sandstone rock quarry that flooded during the 1920s and became a unique and at times popular swimming hole for the area.

The quarry opened in 1893 to supply rock for construction of the Sabine Pass jetties extension, and a standard gauge railroad was constructed from Rockland to the quarry in 1895-1896.

David Frankens bought the Blue Hole in 2013, and he’s added $1.5 million dollars in upgrades, including a common area, beaches, and a cabin that sleeps six, all made with material found around the Blue Hole. But despite these upgrades, Frankens said that the most important part of preserving the Blue Hole is to keep everything authentic and natural.

If you’d like to visit the Blue Hole, give David Frankens a call at (936) 875-3305. We’ve heard he can be hard to get a hold of, but this is the only contact info we have for him. Just keep trying.

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Photo Jonathan Gerland | Video by John-Carlos Estrada